Sunday, June 24, 2007

another night at the movies

after taking a little time to deliver a birthday card to my older brother, the kids were jazzed to be on the way to the movies. the destination? shrek 3.

we were trying to see this movie weekend before last, but it was storming right as we drove up to des peres theater and the lights went off. whoa, dodged that bullet. last time i paid for a movie and the lights went out, i got a voucher, but no refund. this time, same scenario, a bit of a storm, but the lights stayed on.

first off, let me say that the previews were great. there is some kids movie coming up that stars a bee. a honey bee, voiced by none other than jerry seinfeld. looks very funny. yeah, yeah, we're just old people with kids. and we know we won't get a chance to see any other movies, so we're always hoping for good kid movies.

shrek was good...not because of the story line, which was not good, but there were so many funny parts that it made up for that deficit. and to watch eli dancing with the music was priceless. other movie goers were quite amused, too. i was practically crying. he was bobbing up and down and clapping and smiling and laughing. worth the price of admission, for sure. and yes, hanna and tyson enjoyed the movie too.

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