Monday, June 25, 2007

we're both training!

mrs k is training for her 2nd marathon at the same time that i am training for bike racing in general. her goals are more specific, while mine are pretty general. vague, actually. i'm training to get better, she is training for a specific event.

marathon training is all over the web. there are hundreds of sites that you can go to and get a day by day, week by week schedule of what you should be doing. i remember when i met her back in 2004, she was training for the chicago marathon. since we didn't live together then, i didn't see all the training days that she put in. i knew she ran a lot, but now that i have the printout in front of me, i see that it's a lot of work. there are short days, long days, rest days, and clumps of days together and even cross training days.

i have to be honest, it's too regimented for me. my training schedule has much more discretion built in, with contingent plans for tired days or exceptional days. her plan is strictly by the numbers. i guess that's what it takes. she has been following it very well so far, and has gone from a very tough 3 miles to a solid 6 mile run in a very short while. i'm quite proud of her.

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