Monday, June 04, 2007

and sunday is a day of rest

not really. name one sunday that i have rested in the last, oh, 30 years?

mrs k and i slept a little later today, given that eli woke up extra early. we went back to sleep, and missed church. ok, next sunday.

i picked up the moots and headed out at 11am for a long ride. i don't like to ride long unless there are hills involved. call it euro-envy, or tour envy. i picture long rides being mountainous and hilly and scenic. some great descents, killer climbs, isolated roads. so for my long ride i rode south, down to jeff co and antire road. i love that area, hitting jim weber road and hiway pp. ball buster climbs, for sure, but it always feels like home to me. i lived in fenton, off of romaine creek, for a couple of years back in the 90's and pedaled these roads every day.

all and all, it ended up being 60 miles or so. with the headwind out, the tailwind on the way back was heaven, indeed.

i may not be fast, but i can ride, ride, ride.

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