Thursday, June 07, 2007

mr k's wednesday beating

for the past week or so, anthony and i have been anticipating getting together with dan and doing our regular hammer fest. only it wouldn't be so regular.

peanut had the same idea as i did, and we hammered down supplements all day, laboring under some mistaken notion that supplements actually work, or, if they did work, they would work the very same day, mearly hours before actually needing them.

anyway, we headed out at 5:20. the plan was to follow the super secret state road training loop. only it isn't super secret, and it would have to be modified due to construction on wildhorse. as we rode along, i noticed that it certainly is easy for dan to chatter on about things, while not so much for me. i usually get out "yeah" and "right" and "#$@@". a lot more "#$@@" last night. we climbed alot, and descended alot. it was a pretty fast ride, averaging 20mph, even with all the climbing. we climbed eatherton, wildhorse up to hardt, t up to osenfort, bassette from t, bouquet from old manchester, and hardt up from t. sheesh, it was tough.

finally, dan made a nice windbreak for anthony and i as we sped along old olive toward rhombach's. it was satisfying to pedal though the corners in the high 20's. finally i gave in while peanut and dan pushed on to the gas station. enough was enough. this old man hasn't hurt that much in a while, but hurting with friends sure is nice.


Schvonzie said...

I've got the plan, now all's i need are fast training partners. My current training partner is 5"10 and weighs 210 lbs. He usted to be faster on the flats, but not so much after i put in some time. And lets not even talk about hills. i still avoid them, i still can't climb them, its still all mental.

Ted M. said...

Your route sounds like a "Who's who" of Wildwoods best climbs - those are some spectacular hills.