Saturday, June 16, 2007

sirius and ferzors

i'm guessing since i made such a big deal out of the radio in the beautiful mrs k's new car, i got one for fathers day. the sirius satellite radio is like cable tv. 1000's of channels, most i will never ever listen to, but they are there. when i can't stand one more minute of ancient local radio, the satellite radio is a godsend. i can't wait to try it out!!! oh. well, first i have to have it installed. and, of course, you have to pay for it monthly. sure beats buying cd's, though.
...and i got a ferzor*. my old ferzor* is, you know, old. it has breaks in the heads so every now and then i get cut from it. and it really doesn't cut my manly beard anymore. i could've just bought new heads, but why, when a whole new ferzor* is the same price, and now THEY'RE CORDLESS!! ain't technology grand?
*you know it's called a razor. i know it's called a razor. but kids don't know what it's called, and they call it what it sounds like....ferrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrr.

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