Sunday, June 24, 2007


this is the ferrari dino that i remember from my youth. i was like every high school boy in the 80's, my favorite cars being the lamborghini coutach and the ferrari bb512. throw in a 930 turbo and it was heaven. but the little dino? never heard of one. but one day, at the top of the street where my girlfriend lived, was this cool silver car. it said "DINO" on the deck lid and my, my, it was sexy. i was on my bike, so i just circled the car for, oh i don't know, 15 minutes. it LOOKED like a ferrari...or a european sports car like a ferrari. i went to the library that same day (what? didn't you know there wasn't an internet in 1985?) and found some books that held the answer. it WAS a ferrari. a baby ferrari, named Dino after one of the sons of ferrari. mystery solved, and a new, less overtly exotic favorite was born.
this is an artists rendition of what the newest dino might look like. rumor has it that ferrari wants to do a new one, and speculation is running wild about it. if i saw this baby ferrari on the street, i would probably circle it for, oh i don't know, 15 minutes and fall in love with it, too.

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