Tuesday, June 12, 2007

maiden voyage: salsa el santo

the salsa made me proud at chubb this morning. unaffected by the recent rains, chubb was in perfect shape. at least the tyson side, along with the flint quarry and new connector loop. that's all i did this morning, being tired and all.

the extra travel the salsa had is so much appreciated at chubb. the rocks and trail clutter are amazing there, and hardtails and short travel bikes make my rear hurt just thinking about it. the salsa soaked it all up. the front end is wonderfully light and animated, making it a great technical bike. i may have to get the kaiser to go full-on crazy with the reba, though, as it wasn't as supple as the rest of the bike.

i was quite impressed by the climbing, too. chubb is gravelly these days, but it was so easy to find the balance point on the bike so as to keep the front end down and the rear hooked up. i never once used the other features on the rear shock, such as the platform function or the full lock. why? there is no need. i like the suspension to work, i don't need band-aids. the el santo works just fine, in or out of the saddle, under power or under braking.

nice day for a ride, i wish i was faster.

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