Tuesday, May 08, 2007

'wood again

i figured with all the rain we've been having castlewood would be the safest bet for riding. i was right. there were several mud holes, but otherwise it was quite nice. and i was quite slow.

on purpose. i rode quite a bit over the last 4 days, so adding a hard off-road ride was not a good idea. it was kinda nice climbing lone wolf in the little chainring, and pedaling sloooooowly up ranger station. it was also a little boring at times. the 'wood just isn't exciting at sub sonic speeds. downhill was fun. the flats and rollers and uphill, not so much.

two things that were in abundance: turtles and mosquitos. i guess it's mating season. i saw turtles on the road to and from castlwood, and 10-12 of them on the trail. and while i was climbing slow? mosquitos kept up with me and feasted on me. ug.

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