Saturday, May 05, 2007

rain, rain, rain

friday, my plan was to ride the new Moots into work and home. as you probably could see, it was raining waaaay to much for that nonsense. so, the beautiful mrs k and i drove in together. i did, however, bring along the bike incase the weather was good enough to at least ride home.

after a hectic day at work, where the boss, peanut, and myself ate nothing of worth all day long yet we ate ALL DAY LONG, the weather cooperated and i was able to get the innagural ride on the Moots. the conditions weren't ideal, but the temperature was. there was still quite a bit of water on the road. nothing like soiling the new ride the first time out.

no matter, because i could see just what all the hoopla is about the bike. it rides great. it's rigid yet smooth. how do they do that? funny how bikes made of the same materials ride so differently. i love it.

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