Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i really wanted to go slow

mrs k wanted to ride tuesday morning before work. i was planning on spinning around on the homegrown, so getting ready quickly to ride with her was a good plan.

she starts off kind of fast. i start off slow. i start off slower on the homegrown, because it's slow. it's a mountain bike, for god's sake. so i'm pissing and moaning to myself as mrs k is leading me around, her with new bike power, me with 'i wanna go slow' written all over my face and my 'i'm riding a mountain bike with slicks' disposition. i was happy to hit the first hill out of LA (lower affton) because i knew it would slow her down. no matter how fast she gets, and how old and slow i get, i figure hills will always be the great equalizer.

we headed off toward grant's trail, and for the most part i wasn't enjoying myself. mrs k was on a mission and i just couldn't shake the fog. we got to the trail head and i pulled beside her. finally, things were looking up. she was going to do intervals, of all things. just a way to spice up the ride and get a bit more speed in her step. i was impressed, and it's a well known fact that i like my intervals. we were careful not to anger the trail walkers, no matter how widely they spread across the trail or how much they ignored the fact that there were other trail users. by the time we got to pardee, she had worn herself out and i was warmed up. that hill coming up from the trail always gets her. it's great to see her improve so much and enjoy it.

getting close to home, she ran over some glass and flatted. i didn't bring a tube. or a pump. she didn't bring a tube. or a pump. to save the new wheels, i took over. i looked, and felt, pretty dumb riding a bike two sizes small for me with vibrant pink handlebar tape. on the other hand, mrs k had to ride a bike with the seat raised 2" too high. oooooh, it sucks riding a flat. no scratches on the rim, though!


Dan Schmatz said...

You need to have foot massage primes during your ride if you want to see her at her quickest.

TK said...

all i have to do is say she can't do something. that does the job.