Sunday, May 20, 2007

holy lamborghini batman!!!

the lamborghini murcielago is a beast of an automobile. actually, it's a bat. i'm not sure where they have taken the v12 behind the back seats, but last i checked it was a 6.5 liter in the 640hp range. that's enough to go 205 mph and pretty much get there as fast as you want.

the other morning, when i was riding with mrs k, i saw one of these, in black with black wheels, on old olive. they always sound so frantic. like they have some place to be, but everyone is holding them up. whoop, whoop, whoop! what, are the plugs going to foul if you let the rpm's drop too low, buddy?

who am i kidding? i'd probably keep it in first gear the whole time i owned one, just to hear the engine and smoke the tires every time i blipped the throttle. next time i have $350k just sitting around gathering dust, i'll let you know.

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