Saturday, May 12, 2007

wednesday hammerfest

peanut and i have made it a point to throw down on wednesday nights after work. his coach usually writes in a hard day mid-week, so we oblige. his quest for the cat 4 state road race victory is on the line, after all.

and, as usual, we both complained about how bad we felt when we started. mostly he did. personally, i never feel great, so not feeling good isn't much reason to complain, and it wouldn't do me any good anyway. just like always, we both come around and pound the climbs pretty well. my favorite is bassette as it seems i can get a nice rhythm, and his best climb is on bouquet. he snuck away, about 50-60 yards up, and i never closed it past 20 yards or so. i remember dropping him like a hot potato the first hill we ever climbed, so it was a testimony to his hard work that i couldn't catch him. he did attack me early in the ride, when we went up ossenfort, but that didn't turn out well for him...

the hardest part of the ride for me is the flat section heading home. wildhorse/centaur/old olive into chesterfield valley is dead flat and it's all i can do while we turn it up to keep going. we pounded it out, swapping the lead whenever we get close to blowing up. i always look forward to rhombach's because it signals the end of the madness, only there is another mile or so of it before we hit airport road.

those cat 4's may not know what hit 'em.

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