Friday, May 25, 2007


now i know it may be hard to believe, but once upon a time i wasn't a bad sprinter. after all, the only way i ever won a bmx race was by winning the race to the first turn. (i take that 1982 i passed a guy in the last turn at a national race in dayton, ohio for the win.) and, the only road events i ever won without sprinting for it were my first three road events ever.

be that as it may, i haven't done much sprinting in the last year. no real need, or desire, i guess. semi-retirement has it's way of weeding out activities that aren't rewarding, such as sprinting against one's self.

but, peanut, fresh off of his personally disappointing state road championship, has sprints written into his training program. actually, sprints with me. i don't mind doing sprints, i just don't feel good, and i certainly didn't invision feeling any better AFTER doing sprints.

wednesday was the day to do 'em. it was windy, windy. so, we figured out a way to go with the wind. the first sprint always feels awkward, like doing a lay up in basketball if you've never done one. both of us were slow on the first sprint, but we improved as they went on. we'd circle around for about 5 minutes and come around for another kick in the groin. not being bad at sprints, i was mopping up the floor with peanut. he has no jump just yet, and my jump is not bad. by the last, he was getting the idea that jumping with an easier gear would be preferrable, and his jump improved, as well as his follow through. training does, indeed, yeild improvement.

i still had to ride home after the carnage, so peanut accompanied me up to about clayton and schoettler. there, he peeled off, and i trudged on, into the south wind. about clayton and 141 (.5 miles later) i was blown to bits. the rest of the ride was not enjoyable by any stretch of the imagination. but i made it home, safe and sound, 6 solid sprints under my belt.

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