Sunday, May 06, 2007

busy sunday, good for business

although we aren't normally open on sunday, we took this opportunity to invite in the riders of the ms150 ride today in west county. a few of us from work got in early and the riders started trickling in slowly and then in hoards. by noon the place was a zoo. there were anywhere from 30-40 people milling about the store. it was nuts. mrs k was running the front register and i was pumping tires and corky was changing flats and anthony was doing everything else. it was like the old tc warehouse sale, only without the sale. then.....poof. the ride started and it was peaceful. awesome.

the mrs and i drove out together, and i rode home. i took the long way, down south on strecker, which i hadn't ridden on since ethan and i did 10 years ago. i went further south to castlewood and home that way. it was better than a 2 hour ride, which was nice since the sun came out and my tan improved.

when i got home, it was the beautiful mrs k's turn to ride her new bike. she took tyson around for a while, then she took off on her own. she had nothing but grins on when she came home. now she knows why i like nice bikes.

after that, we took tyson and elijah to put put golf. eli was being so good, eating cheerios and drinking juice. tyson proved that put put is not a serious game. deanna is good at most sports, especially those that use equipment other than putters.

back to work tomorrow. wait, what have i been doing all weekend??

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