Wednesday, May 02, 2007


i just had to off-road on tuesday. the weatherman was forcasting rain for the rest of the week, and it was 70 degrees when i woke up.

i didn't want to ride just anywhere. the 'wood wears on a guy, and i just went to chubb last week. i kept thinking greensfelder, but i was unsure about how dry it was going to be. that place can take time to dry out. ah, what the heck. i loaded the oiz up and headed out.

the newly refurbished dogwood is simply a joy to ride. and attaching it to the greenrock and declue to make one big loop is just genius. there were a couple of mud slicks out there, but they were only annoyances. i mostly got dusty. actually, the dust stuck to the insect repellant that i liberally cake onto myself. you see, i am a tick o phobe. i would rather see snakes on the trail than find one of those little bloodsuckers on my body. ick. ick. ick. i found no ticks, though.

i was riding very well. technically. fitness wise, i was blown. i don't know if it was mondays heat, or just the lack of sleep since eli has been teething (or, lack of sleep since eli was born in 2006, who knows....). still, greensfelder is so much fun, i shrugged off the slow legs and let the riding do the talking.

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