Monday, May 14, 2007

monday know

ride to work day. i sound like a broken record, but the weekend wasted me. eli was in rare form all weekend. he fussed, he screamed, he shouted, he crabbed...he did everything but sleep. and so, we did everything but sleep.

so i tried to take it moderately easy riding to work. but the brisk air just egged me on and i rode at the same pace i always do. what a great morning. i was happy to make it to work a little early, and the busy weekend meant the shop was in need of some tlc and refills on everything. the beautiful mrs k, being the attentive hot wife that she is, came to the rescue as soon as i got out of the shower with a pbj. mmm, pbj.

i left work an hour and a half late. it was crazy today. on the plus side, i actually sold a colnago, which i didn't think i had the ability to do. i guess it's easy when you like something. i rolled along easy tonight on the way home. the weather was superbe, and i didn't have anything more to give. again, dinner was waiting, and so were the boys. ahh, what a life.

monday know.

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