Saturday, May 26, 2007

can't complain about everything

i can't complain about everything. the beautiful mrs k and i took grandma and eli to dinner at el paisano's on watson. great mexican place. the service was horrible, but the food was great, and eli really dug the live mariachi band. he was clapping along, gosh it was so cute.

i also bought a new mtn frame today. yeah, yeah, whatever. i don't listen to you when you whine about me getting new bikes. i have a sickness, accept it. i got a salsa el santo. i had one in 2005 and i loved it until i sold it to my nephew. the 2007 version is even cooler, with a bitchin' camaro dark red paint job, sloping top tube, and 4" of travel. orbea is supposed to introduce some hotsy totsy new longer travel machine in the fall, so i decided to go budget on an interim machine. i wanted more travel, and i got it cheap. but it's a fine, cheap machine. i'll post pics tomorrow. maybe. it was only 24.44lbs on the scale, not bad for a comfy 4" travel machine.

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