Saturday, May 19, 2007

pedal. pedal. pedal.

i rode quite a bit this week. after riding home from work on wednesday night, however, i didn't do anything thursday. eli kept us up, and then woke up early, so i just said 'no' to riding.

friday morn, mrs k wanted to do some reconnaissance for the upcoming wednesday morning women's ride. that meant that i sort of had to ride with her, even though it was bone chilling outside (in late may, 45 degrees is bone chilling). it warmed up by the time we left the shop, though. we braved the traffic down old olive street toward centaur. she was hanging tough and i was riding a nice pace. after making the right onto centaur, we met up with mr. lynch and aaron. they were sporting the 'county cops' shirts and getting all respect from the angry motorists. not a bad idea.

they bid us adieu at wild horse. mrs k and i turned left, so as to go up wildhorse toward 109. doberman, is what i think everyone calls that hill. she was having a tough time with it, but kept pedaling and made it up in fine fashion. we sped down wildhorse and back to the shop on long road just in time to clean up and open for the day.

i rode home friday evening. i'm just so slow. pedal. pedal. pedal. just so darn slow.