Saturday, May 12, 2007

deer creek car show

1967 mercury cyclone gt. color was a super cool dark metal flake green. had a little 289 4v under the hood, as well as an ailing radiator. that's coolant on the ground that spewed forth while we were standing around. i love the stacked headlights. one of my favorite old fords.
hot '69 camaro. ultra clean with a 355 and full cage. the paint was stunning.

cheby malibu. 350 and nice, nice body. a photo album with step by step restoration photos was on the grill. this beauty used to be that horrid chevelle orange.

do drugs, lose your vehicle. i think this 'vette is one of those confiscated cars, and the county now uses it for anti-drug PR. either that or we are paying our county cops to cruise in style.

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