Monday, May 14, 2007

family weekend

we took the whole clan to see 'meet the robinsons' on saturday evening. it was quite the funny movie. sort of acid-trip strange in the middle, but pretty cool nonetheless. i missed the last few minutes because eli was being such a terror. no reason for the rest of the viewers to miss the show, right? that's fine, because eli learned how to drink from a drinking fountain while i was entertaining him in the lobby. it was so funny to watch him slurp the water and get it all over his face.

after that, we went to bread company (to get me an icy mocha) and dairy queen (to get the kids some ice cream) and still spent less than a pop corn at the movies. i spent the rest of the hectic evening drilling holes in the livingroom ceiling. yes, the kids bathtub faucet was spewing water back into the wall, which came to rest just above our heads in the livingroom. so, to drain it out and avoid a completely trashed ceiling, i drilled some holes and let it drain into some buckets. mrs k helped me and we looked like crazy people, drilling holes in a perfectly good ceiling while water poured into buckets. why did the water do that? we have this little ducky thing that goes over the faucet and squirts water up. fun, fun, fun. but it also directs water back, and the faucet that we have has a small hole underneath which sucked up the water and spat it down into the wall. ducky gone, leak gone. now i just have to patch some ugly holes in the ceiling. i knew all that handyman work at my mom's house would one day come in handy.

sunday, we all got together after church to have a mother's day dinner. we went to olympia. not really your regular mom's day spot, i know, but it was not crowded and the food is yummy.

then, the kakouris clan saddled up and took eli for a bike ride. hanna and tyson are such good riders. eli is starting to enjoy the trailer more, too. we rode over to kevin and katie's. that's where we dropped the little guy and the trailer off and we rode home, just the big kids and mrs k and i. that way, we could go a little faster and pay more attention to them. i'm sure they get a little tired of all our attention being directed toward the squeeky wheel (elijah). that's ok, we try to make up for it. hanna has been a bit timid on the bike since she crashed, but she came back around on the way home. i'm going to try not to push her into going fast, but to have fun instead. tyson has become quite the competitor. he's alway trying to race people. maybe he'll be our big bike racer.

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