Wednesday, May 02, 2007

oops i did it again

you see, i really, really like the opal. it's my first full carbon bike, and it's a really, really, good one. and i love the color. and it fits. so, i wasn't looking for a new road frame. it came looking for me.

a moots sl is a rare bird. it's 6/4 titanium instead of the normal 3/2.5 stuff. and moots is pretty sure they aren't making too many sl's this years because the supply of the high quality 6/4 that they like to use is low. so when corky got his, i told him that i had first dibs when he decided to get rid of it. 2 days later, he said he was ready to let it go. it didn't fit him. geez. thanks. i think. i have been trying to shed the BAS (bike aquisition syndrome) that i have such a bad case of, and this comes along.

everyone should have such things to complain about.


Daniel B. said...

That bike is the SICKNESS!!! I've always liked Moots.

Schvonzie said...

What about that Moots mountain bike that Tilford has been riding into the ground for like 10 years. He's had that think forever, and is still winning on it.