Tuesday, May 22, 2007

ho hum

monday could not be ride to work day as it usually is. i was too tired from off-roading on sunday. so i drove to work with the beautiful mrs k and road my bike home from work. very nice compromise.

this compromise is ensuring that we only drive two cars two days a week. for 4 or 5 days, the escape sits. which is good, because it guzzles so much more gas than the freestyle. that's very curious, since the FT weighs at least 4oolbs. more than the escape, and utilizes the exact same engine. the transmissions are different, so perhaps that has something to do with it. also, the escape is AWD, and perhaps that extra drag drags the milage down. the freestyle never gets less than 22mpg, the escape hasn't gotten 19mpg in recent memory, and it gets more like 16mpg on a regular basis.

deanna and i were going to ride eli over to grandma's house this morning, but woke up to rain and it didn't happen. it's an idea we'll persue again, though.

it's been busy days at work lately. lots of bikes and projects and loads of small details that are making things rough. being busy (and profitable) is what makes our little world go around, so i can't complain.

i've been thinking about more travel. not traveling, but more travel for my mountain bike. the Oiz is fast and fun, but i think my old-man butt is spoiled. also, since i haven't been racing, i haven't been worrying so much about weight, and sort of having more fun while blasting around the trails. i've pretty much gotten to the limit of the Oiz travel universe. i don't know what direction to follow, though. there are so many nice bikes at my disposal. i know, i know, life must be rough for the poor bike shop guy, right?

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