Monday, March 05, 2007

weekend happenings

we had all the kids this weekend, which means go, go, go. hanna and tyson went to a birthday party saturday at one of those 'fun' places. bounce u, they call it. that's where the kids get to go crazy for 90 minutes, then get cake and icecream and give the birthday kid presents. what a great concept. somebody better be making a mint off that idea, i tell ya.

after that, we tried to go see a movie, but it seems there isn't much out right now for kids. so we cruised home and got a couple movies on demand. brilliant technology, except all movies aren't available at all times. what's up with that? it's just as well, because poops was a bit of a terror and the weather was abissmal outside. we watched monster house and how to eat fried worms, which was a great movie. for the kids, i mean. alright, mrs k and i really liked it, too.

sunday was church time, cici's pizza, more games at home, taking hanna home...weekends never really stop for us. through it all, i feel bad because poops just gets dragged around in the car and he gets crabbier and crabbier. we really want the older kids to have fun, though. we can't just sit around and wait for poops to be old enough to play along.

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