Friday, March 02, 2007

good thing we got a new bed

i waited around the house thursday morning for the delivery guys to drop off our new bed. the beautiful mrs k and i have been sleeping on a 10 year old bed. it sags in the middle and it creaks and squeaks and makes our backs hurt.

of course, the morning rains came the moment the truck pulled up. but, they were in and out in a flash. mmm, that new bed smell.

by the time i straightened up the house a bit, the sun came out and the outside temp read 66 degrees. whooo, i'm riding to work! i suited up and headed out, short sleeves and knee warmers were my only cold weather gear, and it felt awesome.

awesome was premature. it was breezy when i rolled through kirkwood. it was windy when i cross over 270. it was dangerously windy when i plodded up big bend road from dougherty ferry. i couldn't believe how quick the wind kicked up. there were moments where, on flat ground, i was standing up pedaling and doing only 8 or 9 miles per hour. i kept criss crossing through balwin and manchester to keep out of the direct frontal assault from the wind. it was no use. i had never ridden in such a wind. i had to slow to a crawl going down valley road because the wind was ripping across the road and i could not hold the line if i crept past 15mph or so. there were trees and branches down all over.

it took an extra 20 minutes to make it to work. i was exhausted. although riding home with the wind to my back would've made for an amusing ride, i opted to hitch a ride home with mrs k and the boys. we stopped at IHOP and ate breakfast food for dinner. when we settled the boys in bed, we were very excited to hop into our new bed.

i slept pretty good, thank you.


Schvonzie said...

Did you break the new bed in, you know, put it through its paces. And when i say paces, i mean.....

TK said...

oh, yeah, the whole family has been on the bed. me, mrs k, hanna, tyson, eli, rudy, rosco, and even that what you meant?? ;)