Tuesday, March 13, 2007

oh, yeeeeeesssssssssss!

with my health improving and the weather doing the same, it was time to head to the trail. i knew i couldn't do a bang up job at greensfelder or even chubb, so i went to the 'wood. i figured it would be easier on the ribs.

i can't really ride easy. if i get on the bike and the weather is good and the trail is fine, it's go time. i started easy, really. then it just got harder and faster, what with the new trail there and all. i got into hopping the logs, even with the ribs. they just don't bother me much on the mountain bike like they do on the road bike.

i ended up riding for about 90 minutes, and i was toast. whew. i'm out of shape.

but i rode my bike.....

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