Monday, March 26, 2007

sunday at the park

mrs k, elijah, hanna and i all went to the park on sunday for a little picnic. it was warm, but windy. poops was crabby, crabby, crabby. we couldn't make him happy for love or money.
mommy even made funny faces to try and cheer the little guy up. he just crabbed more. sorry, honey, i like your faces.

he was marginally happier when we took a walk by the ducks. he kept pointing at them and saying "dee!" he points and everything and says "dee!" so i didn't get too excited about him saying dee and pointing at ducks. hanna kept trying to convince me i needed to get the ducks to chase us. i told her that they might bite her, and that changed her tune.
we played a little frisbee. really, it was more like a game of "watch deanna chase the frisbee" because hanna and i haven't mastered the art of throwing a frisbee. hanna has years to learn, i've had years to learn. you figure it out.

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