Thursday, March 29, 2007

gettin' yer hairs cut

tyson and poops got hair cuts tonight. for poops, it was his first. i wasn't there, but the beautiful mrs k says it was rough. tyson likes getting his hair cut...he's starting to really pay attention to his appearance and spends time in the mirror getting his mop to cooperate. but poops...well, let's just say poops did what he does best.

they both look like little men now. there is something about a young man with a hair cut that makes him seem clean and new, even if they are only 11 months old. heck, i still think i'm a new man when i get my own hair cut.

the mrs got her hair cut, too. but unless women go for a really radical change, it's often hard to tell that it was cut. you know, women have all this hair on their heads, they "layer" it and even this out and thing that out and tease this and lay that part down. then there is always the second-guessing...maybe i should've done the "layers" that way, or done this differently, or maybe i should just get it cut really short?? or what about growing it out really long????

i think i'll just stick with "number one on the sideburns and on the back, number two up to here, and cut an inch off the top." not many stylists have gotten that wrong.

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