Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ride, ride, ride

i rode to work on tuesday, although a bit slower than monday. i wanted to take it easy, as it seems that every time i get on the bike i hit it hard. it was pretty nice, too. i didn't have to ride home, though, as the beautiful mrs k came out to pick me up.

actually, she came to work in the afternoon because my cohorts were still out of town and i needed help at the store. she manned the phones and directed people to things while i helped others. she is a lifesaver.

after the boys got back to the store today, it was time to go for a ride. peanut goes into withdrawals if he doesn't get to trash me on the bike for a few days, so i gave him the chance. really, we weren't going too hard. kyle c came with us, and we took a pretty fun route that will forever be known as the wildhorse loop. we even saw jammaster jay at babler after we looped through there. ah, evening bike rides with the boys.

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