Monday, March 26, 2007

more riding

last night i took the oiz out to the 'wood for a little off-roading. the weather was stellar and the trail conditions were near perfect. i felt pretty good, although that was mostly from excitement about riding. i was tired from the party festivities and elijah's reluctance to go to sleep until 2am or so.

i ran into some old friends, as well as the kaiser. he was breaking in his new oiz, too, and we stopped and chatted a couple of times as we crossed paths. his spankin' new ghisallo jersey was easy to spot in the woods, as was mine, i guess. yellow is a good color for mtn biking.

i happen to really like that new trail. it's fun single track. i also forced myself to go down the gravel bluff trail adjacent to the lone know, the one i go so slowly down. but, i get a charge from it, even if i ride my brakes down it like a panzy.

i rode to and from work today, too. a side benefit: when i ride my bike to work, i don't stop at mobil to get ding dongs, nor can i take an afternoon trip to get ding dongs, nor do i get to aquire ding dongs on the way home.

bike riding: the anti-ding dong activity.

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