Tuesday, March 20, 2007


i'm 40 years old and this is my life.

i woke up today and figured, well, it was going to be like every other day. except, today wasn't like any other day. i'm 40 today. hanna called me before she left for school to wish me happy birthday. the beautiful mrs k and the kids sang happy birthday to me this morning. i got a flat about 6 miles from home, and just rode it home. my brother in law kevin put up new shelves in my garage. peanut bought special tk birthday cookies for us. the beautiful mrs k sent birthday ballons to me at work. my older brother actually remembered my birthday and gave me a call. we hired an incredible new person at the store who will start in about 5 weeks. mrs k made my super special sandwich for dinner.

nope. this has not been like any other day.


Dan Schmatz said...


We were on the phone for 20 minutes today and you didn't tell me!



TK said...

c'mon, nobody likes to go around saying "it's my birthday!"

bobber said...

Just wait till you reach 50!