Thursday, March 01, 2007

riding is hard

yesterday, i wanted to ride to work, but the weather was so iffy in the morning i missed my window. by the time i was ready to leave, i made the decision to bring my road bike and gear with me so i could ride after work.

that turned out to be a great idea. the weather had improved a ton by closing time, and anthony had the same thoughts as me! we both suited up as fast as we could so we could make the loop in time and beat the fading light.

my cough is still here, and i'm having such trouble breathing, but it felt so nice to ride in warmer air. GC and i really hit it pretty hard, not so much because we wanted to, but because it was a nice night. he has really improved under the watchful eyes of dan s. i actually spent some time BEHIND him instead of pulling him around, and that was cool. we were both wasted when we finished, and i coughed and coughed but it was worth it.

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