Thursday, March 29, 2007

light riding

i got around to putting a new tire and tube on the homegrown this morning. i just sort of let it hang in the garage after it let me down last week. i shouldn't say let me down, i guess. even the best tires get punctures, and i haven't given the homegrown anything more than $3 wholesale kenda's. i'll just say i was disappointed.

new tire full of air, i pedaled easily around south city and down to carondolet park. i did a few loops around, even a loop of each of the crit courses. they don't seem like much when there are not other hungry bike racers flanking you. the courses just seem like, well, like park roads, i guess. i pedaled toward home, doing a spin up the bike path at old st. marcus cemetary, lamenting the vandalized headstones and narrowly missing a geriatric walker who never heard the idea of driving right and passing left. he just walked right toward me, despite my best attempt to bury myself in the right lane. maybe he was from england. somehow i managed to stay out for an hour, which, in hindsight made me late for work. my lawyer needed some papers for the closing of mom's estate, and of course, he needed them yesterday.

i got to thinking about using a garmin gps to map my goofy rides sometimes. just to see how far out of the way i go just to hit a stretch of road i like, or a hill i enjoy. that got me thinking about wednesday, when i sold rams kicker jeff wilkins a garmin. i didn't know who he was, except he was a really nice guy and he looked to be in great shape. after he left, i thought about the name on his credit card and asked corky if he knew who jeff wilkins was. ahhhh, right. i guess i should bone up on my sports stars.

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