Tuesday, March 06, 2007

painful to ride

i'm just in the worst of all possible condition. i can't shake my cough, i think i have a broken rib from coughing so much. my side is so sore i can hardly lift myself up from a lying down position. i can hardly breathe with all the junk in my lungs...i really do feel like i'm 40. no, 65, like it's time to retire.

i rode with GC yesterday after work. 59 degrees sure doesn't feel like 59 degrees when the wind is blowing. duh! we did a couple loops of the valley for an hour and called it a night. i was so happy to be done. somehow, i feel like it's been so long since i have enjoyed riding..

1 comment:

Daniel B. said...

TK, sorry to hear about your coughing issues... no good, no good...

Hope it gets sorted out quickly