Monday, March 12, 2007

he knows no danger

usually when an animal growls and gestures toward us, we figure out that it's a warning that we're infringing upon their space. rosco has a particularly fierce deep growl, followed by a mock chomping of his choppers in the direction of the transgressor. usually that transgressor is rocky or rudy. they get the picture pretty fast and hightail it out of there.

elijah doesn't know enough to be afraid. in fact, whenever he corners rosco, he squeals with glee and laughs and laughs. he pokes his little finger in rosco's face and rosco growls even more fiercely, and sort of barks as he chomps toward eli's finger. eli doesn't even flinch, just giggles and looks around at me to make sure i see him. eventually, rosco realizes his game is up, and does some hightailing of his own. those slow little human's are barely worth the effort.

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