Monday, March 19, 2007

to catch a leprichaun

it's been impossible for me to post lately here. just too many irons in the fire. but there are some highlights...

this weekend, we had all the kids and as usual, we made the most of our time.

friday night, hanna mentioned that it was very important for us to try to catch a leprechaun. immediately, we hatched a plan and set out to bag one. we took a small box, decorated it with four leafed clovers, and set it up with a small leg to hold it up so the leprechaun can fit under it. how do we attract him? lucky charms of course. we went to the store, bought a big ol' honkin' box of them, and poured them into a little cup and put it under the box. we also bought some green french bread shaped like a snake (?) and put a piece of that under the box, too. then, we wrote a note encouraging the little varmit to eat our goods and stay a while. then we waited...

...and we all had a bowl of lucky charms ourselves. man, that stuff is good. sure enough, the kids forgot about the trap, which we had set upstairs so the dogs wouldn't eat the leprechaun's snack. we watched a little tv, goofed off a little, etc.

time for bed. i told hanna and tyson to go upstairs and brush their teeth and get jammies on.

hanna cried out "DAD! HE ATE THE FOOD!" we all rushed upstairs in excitement. sure enough, the box was flat on the ground, little cup of lucky charms empty. the kids were beside themselves with excitement. i picked up the box and our note had been scribbled on in green ink:


hanna wondered out loud how the little guy could've gotten by us without us knowing, saying maybe he had gotten in a window or something. sure enough, tyson's window was open! that little sneak!

it was really, really hard to get the kids to go to sleep after that.....

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