Sunday, March 18, 2007

finally feel ok

it's been a while since i could say that i don't feel sick in some way. no cough, no cold, no nausia. great, just in time for some better weather!

that i'm missing the first race of the 2007 is an indication that things haven't gone well in my "2007 preparation campaign." i don't really feel bad about it, i just want to ride more, and ride fast. during prep '07, i didn't do much of either, so racing wasn't going to be any good anyway.

looks like the weather didn't do the mesa race at lost valley any favors, but it is at least sunny this morning, however winer-like the temps are. i'm sure there will be some new blood looking to take over the few top places that are worth getting. i'm anxious to see who the fast guys are this year. more power to them...they just better be willing to take a step back when ol' tk finally gets his act together, because i plan on winning in the future, new blood or not.

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