Thursday, March 22, 2007

gusty winds

i rode to work on wednesday. it seemed like a crime to let such a great morning go without riding. it was a bit windy on the way there, i hit every light, and when i got to work, peanut was in the shower. ah, well. it's not a crime to stand around in your lycra, is it? well, not a big crime?

all day while i worked, i was impressed by the temperature rise. i was also impressed at the big flags standing at attention at the fire house that i can see from the front windows. that meant a windy ride home.

boy, was it. whoooosh. i took the long way home, too. seems like whatever way i turned, i was into a pretty stiff gale. at the very least, it was a great workout. i really don't want to complain about such a nice day, windy or not.

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