Sunday, July 13, 2008

woulda know

i would have gone to the smithville mtb race north of kc this weekend if it hadn't rained so much there. i still could have done it, i suppose, but that would have meant getting up at the crack of dawn, driving 4 hours, spending $100 in gas, RACING, getting muddy, and driving home. hmmm. the only good thing about that last sentence was the RACING part, so it just didn't add up. there are just too many things to do at home in those 12 or so hours i would have been away, anyway.

saturday was a particularly taxing day with the little one. i think he may have generated his own version of amphetamines, because he was wired like a motor. when the beautiful mrs k and i took the boys out to dinner, it was a nightmare. we had to take him outside twice during the meal to try and get him to behave. he, of course, took that behavior on the road and continued on until about midnight. i used the awake time to watch casino royale, the newest james bond movie. wow, it's probably the first bond movie i have ever truly liked. he's a mean guy, sort of, and much more human. it doesn't hurt that he drives an aston martin, though. i think i'd look forward to another with this guy playing the part.

sunday came too soon, and we saddled up to go out to the 'wood for the ghisallo cycling club's picnic. it was supposed to be an off-road thing, people bringing their food, kids, and mountain bikes. since it has been raining so much, we didn't expect much other that kids and food. but, we brought some cannondale demo bikes anyway, and others brought their bikes, too. most everyone had a bit of fun on the mtb's, pretty much staying away from the bad sections. mostly it was a chance to get together. i brought my road bike, and when everything was unloaded and set up, i took off. i did a nice hilly ride out to six flags and back to the park. 32 miles total, and i felt darn good about it. i got back and the kids were having races in the field. i ate a burger off the grill and some watermelon. eli took his first real pedal strokes on his bike, too, riding around the pavilion and running into stuff. pedaling, good, handling, not so much.

just like dad.

my old friend brett nejmanowski cruised through the park while we were there on his cool carbon bike. seems he's trying to get himself back into the mix. that's one talented boy, it would be great to see him reach his potential. we talked a bit and laughed about the same old people we talked and laughed about years ago, so all must be right in the world.

for some reason i have two days off the the bike on the ol' training plan. ok, fine. that just means i'll do more housework instead of ride. what kind of trade off is that????


cploch said...

john, wes, and i had the same idea but went to middle fork instead. they had 4 experts show up, we made a good choise!

TK said...

good for you. how was middle fork?