Sunday, July 27, 2008

tour de france withdrawals

here we are, and the 2008 tour has ended. and, like past years, i'm going to start to go in to withdrawals by monday evening. but now, i think my whole family will, too. it has engulfed them just like it has overtaken me. it's like a soap opera that goes on for 3 weeks with a cliff hanger ending, only there isn't any kissing and yucky stuff.

i wanted cadel to win, if only because he was a star world cup mountain biker in his past life. i don't mind that sastre won, however. he's a fine rider on a team that knows no equal. VDV gave me reasons to get off the couch and shout at the tv, as did his teammate danny pate. what a great team garmin turned out to be. i'm very glad oscar won the green jersey, but something in me really wanted zabel to win just one more time. he's not quite as old as me, but close, yet he can still turn in some killer performances.

i'm not yet revved up for the tour of missouri just yet. deanna reminded me how cool it's going to be, with some of the worlds best team showing up, so i guess i could start getting excited soon. last year, i was glued to the race coverage until dan got hurt, then lost interest. maybe i'll actually enjoy it this time.

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