Sunday, July 20, 2008

bike riding and such

saturday morning i had planned to mtn biking and it rained. i shouldn't be surprised, it always rains when i plan on going off road. but, it was a short shower so i headed off to chubb anyway. when i rolled through the west tyson parking lot, there were some puddles and a nice sheen on the ground. nuts. so i shuffled off to buffalo (the old standby, the 'wood) instead.

although it had also showered a little there, good ol' castlewood was nearly dry as a bone. funny, there were a couple of holes in the trail filled with water from rain but the rest of the ground was dusty.

my plan was to do a moderate pace but ride for more than a couple of hours. i had the scalpel dialed in and was having quite the good time. after a few laps of the various trails, i ran into fellow ghisallo rider sam yount and dragged him around for another lap. i saw another ghisallo rider, john p, who was unfortunate enough to get muddy at the other end of the park. it seems that stuff over there is not as water resistant as the classic 'wood trails. i rode more and called it a day.

a big mistake was forgetting gloves. it was super humid and my hands dripped with sweat, causing me to have to grip the bars with a death grip. my hands are sore today. rookie mistake: check. when i got home, the beautiful mrs k and i took the kids to the pool. i dislike water as much as i dislike mud, but i suck it up so the kids can have fun. they are water babies and love the stuff. then, i mowed the lawn. hey, it's the weekend...i have to get things done, you know, make hay while the sun shines, baby!

today, i had to work so i rode out to the shop. the headwind was allied with the hot, humid weather to make my ride not so enjoyable. that, and my hands were sore. and...well, you know the drill. sleep is a hot commodity around my home, and it's been quite hard to come by.

now, time to start all over again monday. all work and more work make jack a busy guy.


Schvonzie said...

I must be a day behind. I'm sure this post is on a sunday, and you said you worked today? Thats odd, i figured you would love water. Does the body hard work like a ducks feathers? You know, an inpenatrible force?

TK said...

no, it was sunday. deanna and i worked this weekend because SOMEBODY took off all week and we had to shuffle the crew....

i get, water rolls of feathers and i'm a hairy guy...gosh, your wit is only surpassed by your looks.