Sunday, July 13, 2008

fast and foolish

while i was out on my hilly road ride today, i witnessed a little fast and foolish automotive buffoonery.

now, don't get me wrong, i believe that there is nothing quite like driving a killer car on a twisty back road. but public roads have become so crowded, no matter how remote they may be, it's just not a good idea. particularly from the viewpoint of a cyclist.

the first encounter was with a honda s2000. i was just starting up allenton, just past the employee entrance to six flags, when i heard the beehive noise in the distance. as i pushed up the climb, it became louder and louder, and BBBBBBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZ, this s2000 comes into view halfway through the corner, ripping. he had to have been going 80. whoa, it was startling to see and hear a car on that narrow road bomb past like that. i'm glad i wasn't with a group of riders.

the next encounter was with a lotus elise. i guess it wasn't so foolish, maybe it was. as i climbed the last section of woods, just as it got twisty and steep, a yellow elise blazed through the corners, completely smooth, completely faster than i could've thought possible. good thing i was in my lane, i thought.

i don't know if i should pass judgement or not. maybe they both had it under control. maybe the drivers of both were young knuckleheads like i used to be and could have careened off the road at any second. once they both passed, i thought about how fun it probably was to drive such cool cars on such cool roads. it just didn't seem safe.

ah, what do i know? i drive a station wagon.

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