Sunday, July 27, 2008

weekend recap

saturday the beautiful mrs k kicked eli and i out of the house so she could clean. i took the little terror to monkey joes to let him get worn out. i got worn out chasing him around the place, and he never even took a nap.

i had a great ride, doing some good hill work even in the stifling heat and humidity. afterward, deanna and i went out to eat. we went to momo's in u city, but we weren't thrilled with the food. a trip to cyrano's in webster fixed any dessert issues we had. mmmm, chocolate raspberry.

today was the first ride deanna and i have been on together in a long while. she had already done the 8 mile run with cristal this morning, so i was quite surprised by her willingness to go. it was even hotter today than yesterday, too. once home, i loaded up the newly finished single speed and headed out to the 'wood. i took it easy mostly and just had fun, realizing why suspension is good thing and no suspension is not a good thing. my hands could barely grip the bars the whole time, partially due to the pounding, but mostly due to the rivers of sweat pouring down my arms and onto my grips.

is it sunday night already??


Dan Schmatz said...

Is the homegrown setup full rigid?

I was riding the 69r at a trail I ride pretty often yesterday for the first time and it is pretty rocky, I used to wonder how much the BMC was soaking up and after riding the hardtail I know it soaks up alot more than I thought.

I guess that why we all need a bunch of different bikes.

Black Matt said...

Try running that mother with a Reba with a PopLock. All the climbing benefits of a ss and still fun to descend with. If you play with the floodgate enough, it barely gives while standing and climbing but provides just enough squish to take the edge off on the way back down. Don't give up on it yet...