Sunday, July 06, 2008

house work, check

after a big weekend, sunday held nothing for us but work. actually, it started off in sort of a fun way. thf was invited to have a rider in the gateway cup poster that gets distributed around our area for the labor day weekend races. that rider was me. it was a cool experience, one headed up by front man tim ranek. a hand full of cool riders was there, a few of st. louis' best women racers included. hopefully, they won't edit me out, but truthfully it would be a fine poster without me.

after the photo shoot, it was on to new brakes on the car. jeepers, batman, it hurts to crawl around and turn wrenches on a car. anyway, an hour and a half on the first side and 35 minutes on the second side. typical for my learning curve. now, no grinding brakes, seeing that the old pads were down to metal.

next up for me, the lawn. confounded lawn. water...grass grows...must cut...water...grass's a vicious cycle, don't you know??? while i was doing the fun manly things, mrs k and the kids were picking up sticks in the yard, doing laundry, washing the car, you name it. it was quite a team effort around here.

now, look at the time. weekend is over, it's late, and there you have it.

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