Monday, July 07, 2008

an alfa a day keeps the doctor away

there isn't a bad angle for this car. from this angle, i see a lot of the old ferrari dino in the roofline.


Mark Lopez said...

T.K..........thought you might have interest in these.

Mark Lopez said...

Tim.........they will be ready in about a week. Send you a heads up as soon as they are available. Since we raced the same class and were often at each others throught there are plenty of your races on the tapes. I check out your blog every now and then. I used to ride with your new teamate Stefano Barbari here in south FL. on both the road and trail. The kid is FAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSTTTT.........even when he was just a pipskweak he could crush it. How do you like that new Orca your riding?
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