Wednesday, July 02, 2008

beaten by the weather, again

i had to bag the beatdown tonight because no one has been showing up. i can blame my own inconsistent production of the ride, i guess. not many people are going to commit their wednesday evening for a ride that only happens when a guy fits it into his training schedule.

so i thought i would be slick tonight by having both bikes ready to go, mtn and road, just in case. of course, as 5 o'clock rolled around the weather was looking as sketchy as schvonzie on a creek crossing with road shoes. rain was in the air. nuts. i knew i wasn't going on a long road ride, so i jammed over to the 'wood to get in some climbing. i thought the rain would hold off long enough for a quick, intense session.

and it held off. for 45 minutes. i got out of my car, rolled out for a too-short warm up, passed marty on the trail, and busted out a lap of lone wolf, field, cardiac, rollercoaster, and grotpeter...and it started raining while i was jammin' down the downhill. sigh. i thought i might crank up lone wolf a few times for more climbing, since it's all rock i didn't think i'd get any mud on me, but i just packed up and called it a day. no sense in forcing a workout that wasn't going well anyway.

i wish i had kept count of how many times my rides have been ruined do to rain this year. no, maybe i don't want to know. it would probably depress me even more.

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Brian said...

I have never had a ride ruined by rain.

It's all about state of mind. Perfection does not exist.