Thursday, July 24, 2008

new trek and cannondale bikes

it's coming upon that time of year when bike companies introduce new models. it's getting earlier and earlier every year, so much so that model years are almost meaningless. nevertheless, there is always some excitement for the bike geeks around this time.

mcD just got his new trek project one madone. now i have to admit to not being a slave to the madone over the years. i was one of the first riders in the country to have an oclv mountain bike in the early 90's because the rep was my friend, but after that my enthusiasm waned. good bikes, no lust for me. i've been feeling the tug for the new ones that came out last year, but after seeing mcD's super hot custom 6.5 or 6.9 or whatever it is, i'm sold. his is a 2009, so it has a few tweaks that are really cool and it's ghisallo black and yellow, with white thrown in. i took some photos of it and posted them on the ghisallo blog for your pleasure. egad, i'm a trek man! am i a bike geek, or what? and, word on the streets says there will be a new top fuel utilizing the suspension ideas from the EX series that has been so successful over this last year.

then, our man luke has been sneaking around the store with the 2009 cannondale stuff, and it's good. so good, in fact, that i ordered my cross bike just from a catalog photo. foolish? yes! will i again get waxed by the slowest cross riders in the A races? certainly! but will i LOOK GOOD doing it? absolutely! anyway, i need a way to keep my off-season from being 6 months long. racing cross a few weekends into november and perhaps beyond will keep that period down to less than 4 months.

i'm thinking about posting a catalog of the 13 bikes that are in my household, just so the madness can be view and documented. somehow, i worry about that sort of post being an invitation to every bike thief in the lou to come and get 'em. i don't know. i think rocky the dalmatian could probably scare them off by biting off a buttock or two, though.

we'll see.

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