Tuesday, July 29, 2008

gas prices change things

save gas, ride a bike! (and it doesn't hurt if it's a good looking one, either!)

although today gas is down to a measly 3.68 a gallon (!), it has caused the beautiful mrs k and i to make some changes in our behavior. not that we are unique, i think everyone has probably thought twice about driving more than they have to.

we share the ride into work quite a bit. three or four days a week, we use one car, then on the weekend we almost never drive the fusion. this saves us quite a bit of gas. and lately, i've been quite impressed by the family truckster getting 23mpg. it doesn't hurt that i have lightened up a LOT on the gas pedal. you would be amazed at how much gas you can save.

really, why throw your money away on gas if you don't have to? i realize that there are plenty of people out there that scoff at the notion of saving or conserving ANYTHING. i don't understand that behavior. i grew up at a time when we had stickers pasted over light switches telling us to turn lights off, and i remember the 55mph speed limit being imposed, and the first wave of alternative energy being put into use. it doesn't bother me to NOT waste. my family can use the money, why would i want to give it to quick trip, or laclede gas, or ameren ue?

anyway, gas prices have made quite an impact on my thinking, and i'm thinking i'd rather have the money than give it to the energy producers.


Dan Schmatz said...

You are 100% right on the weight of your foot directly impacting mileage. I did a few test with both the mini and my truck and was amazed at how ariving to steamboat 30 minutes slower increased mpg by almost 100 miles per fill up.

Lynchmob said...

TK - I am happy to report that the 4-Runner has not been to the gas station since June. My goal was to make it the entire summer on one tank of gas. As evidenced by my riding or running past the shop several times each day, it is working. I am still at 1/4 tank and it is now August. If I can make it until the kids are back at school, I will have considered it a success. Even the Vespa has been sitting!