Tuesday, July 22, 2008

computers suck!

the amazingly bad geek squad couldn't save a darned thing from my old hard drive. not that i expected them to. it seemed as though they probably could not have freed themselves from the best buy employee bathroom without outside intervention. but, i am skirting the point: computers suck. they are finicky, unreliable, cantankerous, evil, slow, expensive, marginally useful, and we almost can't do without them.
i haven't had a hard drive last more than two years. my first computer, a gateway desktop, shot craps in about two weeks. after a three week wait, it was returned to me with a new hard drive that failed after two years. the next was a dell. it shot craps after a year, replaced under warranty, and lasted another two years on the nose. this latest one, an hp, lasted one day shy of a year and i lost lots of info when it went. i know, i know, i know. my fault for not backing up, blah, freaking blah. funny, as soon as i plugged this bad boy in i started getting error messages right away. i took it back to the dorks at best buy and so far, no more error messages.
that's ok. i still have 1 year, 11 months, and 28 days of use..

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Dan Schmatz said...

pssst. Maybe a switch to Apple will ease your pain.

Although I don;t use this one much anymore I am currently typing on a laptop that I bought in 2001. It has travel all over, been dropped, kicked, fallen out of the team van, etc. and is still going strong.