Monday, July 07, 2008

chris is getting closer

my friend CHRIS has been riding the wheels off of his bike getting ready for his big event, denver to durango. it's a completely self-supported race that encompasses more than 500 miles. here are a few of the stunning photos he's taken along the way during his training miles.

he's got some great information on his blog about packing, eating, and training for the event. he's very meticulous about his preparation, and i'm sure he can be a wealth of information for anyone considering a similar event. chris has tapped into a lot of different resources for information, gear, and support. some of them are:

ghisallo sports, carousel design works, dan schmatz, jay petervery, jeff kerkove, stefan griebel, and the big one, the lance armstrong foundation, livestrong.

you can read a lot more about him HERE.

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