Thursday, July 24, 2008

wednesday bike ride

the weather has thrown off my riding schedule again this week, so wednesday had to be a big day for me. i was going to ride off into the sunset after work and eventually find my way home, but mcD and jumbo were planning a babler assault so i decided to join.

for those of you who don't know, jumbo is the newest member of ghisallo's workforce. he's an intimidating mountain of a man (what, did you think jumbo meant that he was small?), standing 6 foot 6 or so, 300+ lbs. and he loves bikes. in fact, he bought a new madone and he punishes it with his earth crushing mass nearly every day.

anyway, jumbo and i set off up wildhorse and into the secret back entrance into babler. i was feeling fine, so i bid the massive one goodbye and pedaled off into the park for some good, solid climbing. i found mcD there and we hit the hills together and looped around and back a few times. we ran across jumbo climbing the steepest of the climbs. it was a sight to behold, sort of like a caricature sketch: jumbo and bike, sampson and goliath, the earth and the moon, shark and pilot fish, tom and get the picture. i joked that all of wildwood probably experienced a brown-out when jumbo stood to mash up the final meters of the steep climb. after that sight, mcD and i hit the loop one more time and i headed off toward home.

52 miles and 2350k's later, i reached home. it was the first time that i would download powertap data in a month, given that the computer has been down. after waiting 15 minutes to make it happen, it was pleasing to see that i had been posting good numbers and feeling pretty good while doing it.

if the mtn bike race at rockbridge is a go this weekend, i should have a fair run of it.

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